Evolutionary Genomics, Inc. is a genomics research and development company focused on the identification and validation of genes that impact commercially valuable traits in crops for the agriculture industry.  We have performed research on crops including rice, corn, soybeans, wheat, cotton, cowpeas, beans, tomatoes, and cassava.  In addition to continuing our work in pest/disease resistance, we intend to research drought tolerance in multiple crops.  Our core technology is our patented Adapted Traits Platform which is used to perform molecular evolution analysis to identify positively selected genes that may have an impact on traits of interest.  Positively selected candidate genes must be further tested to validate their impact on the desired traits.

In the past, we relied on research grant funding from commercial entities, governmental agencies, industry associations and grant making foundations to partially or fully offset research costs and generate profit for the Company.  With the exception of our cassava research, we retain intellectual property rights that allow us to market the genes found to seed companies within the agricultural industry in return for lump sum payments, milestone payments and royalties on product sales using our intellectual property.  

We have applied our Adapted Traits Platform in research projects including identifying genes responsible for increases in yield in corn, increases in yield in rice, drought tolerance and sugar content in tomatoes and pest/disease resistance in soybeans, cassava, beans, tomatoes and cotton.  These projects have resulted in grant revenue, research services revenue and license revenue.  We have also designed a comprehensive research study to address drought tolerance in multiple crops.