If you give a family a loaf of bread, they will eat today. 

If you give farmers better seeds, they will feed the world for generations.

Drought is the biggest obstacle to solving world hunger. Our Adapted Traits Platform is uniquely suited to finding the genes that can help make crops more drought resistant and opening up new acres for production that were previously thought to be unusable.

We have used the Adapted Traits Platform to find genes responsible for increased crop yield, pest and disease resistance, salt tolerance and even sweetness.  We believe that we can apply this same technology to help develop seeds for drought resistance crops.

Genes for pest/disease resistance in soybeans

EG identified and validated native genes and developed one synthetic gene that provide resistance to disease/pests without the use of chemicals or toxins.  One gene has an issued patent and applications are pending on others.. .

25% increase in sweetness

EG has identified and validated a gene in tomatoes that is responsible for a significant increase in sweetness and has applied for a patent.  We have also identified and are in validation of genes for pest resistance...

Cotton pest resistance and fiber length genes in development

EG has discovered candidate genes in cotton that may be responsible for important traits like pest resistance and fiber length.  Validation testing will begin in 2018..